#EnjoyBucharest is an event organized by Eventur Group with the goal of promoting Bucharest in the online environment as a tourist destination.

The first edition took place from the 3rd to the 5th of April 2015 and it got together 27 of the most famous travel bloggers in the world. In adition to them, another 15 romanian bloggers and photographers. The event was hosted by InterContinental Hotel.

Some of the main objectives of the first edition:

  • Highlighting the traditions and cultural values which together form the identity of the brand
  • Prezenting the impact the communist era had on the capital
  • Underlining the fact that the nightlife in Bucharest is one of the most appriciated in Europe

The first edition was highlighted through its recycling of Instagram photos, encouraging users that uploaded photos taken in Bucharest to add #EnjoyBucharest in their description or comments. The hashtag was adopted afterwards, and to this day there are over 30.000 photos.

In the last day of the event, dedicated to relaxing, we had the pleasure of a short meet & greet with Simona Halep at Stejarii Country Club. Toma Nicolau, the event co-organizer, realised that on his blog an interview that was read by 8000 people and it accumulated 14.000 views, 4200 likes, 88 shares and even an mention on ProSport.

Key numbers of the first edition